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Kate Rannells

Darkness is not the absence of light, but full with unseen presence. Time is not fixed, but a subjective and personal experience. What we perceive is not Truth with a capital T, but our human perspective. The need to make sense creates dualistic order which breaks up the squishy continuum of existence into self/other, good/bad, black/white. This habit of making sense through rigid and dividing classifications is hard to break.  

Art participates with existence and matter in physically engaged, nonlinear, nonhierarchical ways.  It is a means beyond divisions.  Making begins with an intervention into the state of matter, an interruption in its process. Matter is not inert, but active, with a language of its own. Processes like accretion, corrosion, erosion, compression, and expansion are all part of the lexicon of matter.  Using salt, water, rust, weight, air, sound and time, I speak the lyricism of matter as metaphor to our relationship to ecology and nature.

I am a sculptor based in Oakland Ca. I have a BA in Art Criticism with a minor in Sculpture from Western Washington University, Fairhaven College. I am in the Dual Degree Masters program at SFAI, having completed the MFA in Studio Art in 2018, I am continuing towards an MA in Theory and History of Contemporary Art. 





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